Branding design in Hong Kong

I specialise in Branding design in Hong Kong. I know the importance of Branding for the success of your business. That is why the core of my services is focused on quality branding for people like you, entrepreneurs, small or medium business owners.

By definition Branding is the active modelling of your brand. It is about giving your brand a persona to help people find it, recognise it and relay to it. Branding creates the bridge to reduce the distance between you and your audience. 

There are many components to Branding from visual identity to visual campaigns on prints or digitally on social media. I have helped many people like you to get the right logo, brand colours, typography, print collaterals and visuals for their campaigns.

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Branding Design Package

I provide different level of branding, from full package for starting businesses to a la carte design to suit your need. Sometimes, all you need is a custom rebranding and I can provide flexible work.

I will be able to help you discover what you need to achieve your goals, so contact me to discuss your project now.

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Logo Design

Logo plays a central role in visual identity. It is the mark that identifies your brand. I design strong logos that you can be proud of. They carry your brand identity, inspire your audience and make your business uniquely memorable.

Brand Colours

Colours convey emotions and meaning. Your brand needs to do the same, that is why colours are so important. From screen to paper, I will develop a colour palette that will trigger the right connections with your audience.


The way text look is just as important as your message. The right typography can turn blend text into a caring word for your customer to trust. I professionally search & select the right fonts and help you use it correctly across.


Your branding needs supports to be displayed onto. I design your business cards, letterhead paper, envelops, folders, pens and different packaging formats too. These will help your customer know you and trust your professional looking brand.


Either you have a shop or an office, your brand must be displayed where your activity is. I design large signage displays to showcase your logo and make you feel good about where you conduct your business.

Brand Guidelines

Branding is worth only if it is consistent. With me you will get a brand book listing all the elements and rules that make your brand system. This way you don't have to worry about loosing the info or being inconsistent.

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