The Loose Bunch, the truly free and open freelancer directory in Hong Kong

The Loose Bunch, helping Freelancers & Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong connect!

Freelancers juggle between their creative work and finding the next project. Entrepreneurs are always on the look for talents to help them kickstart their new idea. Finding and be found is not an easy task and can take a lot of time. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to find people that match exactly what you are looking for in a simple freelancer directory?

We often rely on Word of Mouth, recommendations and Social Media to find project partners. Existing directories and job platforms are not easy to use, and very often control the content to monetise their service. To me, there is a lot more we can do to bridge the gap between Freelancers and Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. Starting with a more transparent and free approach seems like a better way to achieve this. Skipping the middle person, the recruiters and the subscription services can help simplify the process.

I have recently tried to answer this by creating a website which would do exactly that. The concept is simple, a free and open freelancer directory in Hong Kong, where anyone can search and find talents to speed up conversation. The project is called the Loose Bunch, and it is now in its beta phase.

During this phase, the site is online and ready to collect new listings from Freelancers. The idea is to build up a strong pool of talents and use the time to iron out any bugs remaining. Freelancers can submit their listing independently via the quick submission form, which takes no more than 3 minutes to fill!

example of profile page on the Loose Bunch

Simple and powerful directory

The Loose Bunch is a responsive website meaning that it works on all devices. You don’t need to download yet another app to start finding talents. Anyone can search for people, using a set of filters, you can look for specific fields of work, skills and even locations.

Each freelancer has a unique profile business page with service description of their own choosing, and more importantly their contact details always visible so that people can engage conversation quickly.

A small portfolio gallery helps people judge the work provided. The gallery can be seen on the profile page as well as directly on the directory grid results. This helps speed up the decision process, when you are looking for someone you need to be able to preselect profiles you might be interested to contact.

With the related profile tool at the end of every freelancer’s page, you can navigate to other profiles which share common skills and field of work. Another way to go about discovering profiles on the site.

Join the best Freelancer Directory!

I invite all Freelancers in Hong Kong to join the community in this beta phase. They can submit their profile over on The more profiles we list the more the directory will make sense, with a more varied selection of field of work, skillsets and locations. It is an exciting time, and I am hoping to advertise the platform in a big launch in the coming months. Together we can make the Loose bunch the best Freelancer Directory in Hong Kong!

Thanks to everyone who believe in this project and willing to be part of the first listed profiles. There is a lot to learn, and I plan to fine tune it as it goes.

Feel free to contact me by email at [email protected], to discuss your questions. If you know Freelancers interested in boosting their exposure, share the link with them! You can support the project by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I am a freelance graphic designer in Hong Kong specialised in Branding and Web Design. Now a proud member of the Loose Bunch network!


The Loose Bunch is a freelancer directory in Hong Kong, made with WordPress and Elementor.
Thanks to Michele Salati, Phoebe Yeung and Philippe Grasset for being the very first listed Freelancers!
And a big thanks to Darcy Christ for helping out with all technical parts!
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