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I specialise in web design in Hong Kong. I know the importance of a good website that suits your brand. That’s why a large part of my service focuses on creating quality websites for people like you, entrepreneurs, small or medium business owners.

Today’s customers behaviour dictates for modern websites. I develop and design clean and secure websites based on industry leading WordPress CMS (content management system). This allows you to easily edit the content on your own afterwards.

I make a point in creating unique websites that adapt to mobile devices, making them responsive from desktops to mobile phones.

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Web Design Package

I provide different level of websites, from simple portfolio or blog site to full e-commerce platform to suit your need. Whatever the nature of your project, I am able to design a website tailor-made to you and your market.

I will be able to help you discover what website you need to achieve your goals, so contact me to discuss your project now.

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A good website starts at the domain name and the hosting. I help you select and manage everything from domain purchase to web hosting companies that work for your site. You don't have to worry about technical questions.

Wordpress Install

I prep the server and install the environment on it for you. WordPress CMS is a strong tool, which allows to be developed privately online. That speeds up the process and I allows me to work in full transparency for you to see.


I create responsive websites which dynamically adapt to screen sizes. That means a single website for desktop, tablets and phones. With this in mind, content changes as behaviours differ from device to device. That's granular web design for you!

U/I and U/X

Web design is made of 2 parts. User interface design and user experience design. I care for both, and I create visually strong websites with a user-centric point of view. The structure guides and the looks inspires. No gimmick and unnecessary things that no one wants.

Striking Visuals

From large hero image, animated image sliders, I create website that speaks to your audience. They want content that evolves and entertains, I deliver that. I give your video a prime spot, or create striking visuals if you don't have that type of content. No worries, it's all compatible and shareable!

Dynamic Content

People don't consume websites in a linear way. I create sites with different landing pages in mind, because people arrive from searches these days. In concrete terms, that means your content is dynamically placed so you don't have to duplicate things and face the tedious prospect of changing everywhere. Save your time with me!


Online sales can be of interest or a necessity for you. I created websites which enable the possibility to do e-commerce. When your project needs it, I am able to develop a complete online store to sell locally or worldwide. Managing stock, secure payments and promotions. The possibilities are endless, I am flexible for your project.

Optimisation SEO

A website should be easily found. I provide a good SEO base for your site. That starts at good page code of course, and continues across key words, internal and external links, images and text. I also take care of setting up under the hood things Google like to know.


Wordpress is a strong and safe tool but it needs extra love. I provide security setup for your site to prevent malicious intrusions, customer data theft and contact spamming. I also do essential server backups in the case something goes wrong so you don't have to start from scratch.

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